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Post  Kikkan on Sun Mar 09, 2008 12:09 am

Have you seen anyone violate any of our rules?
Report them here!

You have to use this format, if you fail to post in right format the report wont be processed.



Topic name: Players name "The player who you put your report on" "[Put what he have done here, like DM NON-RP METAGAME POWERGAME etc etc!]

In-Game name: "The players name"

Reporters name: " Your In-Game name"

Date and time of the incident(GMT): "example - 29th of February, 2008. 23:15"

What he/she has done screenshots and other kind of evidence: "Tell the story here, how have he / she broken the rules? Your evidence wintnesses etc"
((We recomend you to use to uppload your images))

Other notes: " If you want to explain anything or put something more into the report"


"Player name" "[Rule violated]"

In-Game name:

Reporters name:

Date and time of the incident(GMT):

What have he / she done? proof(s):

Other notes:

We also want you to post with evidences, like witnesses, screenshots, videos, etc.
We can't take actions against the Player without any evidence!

Posting reply's here without any evidence against the player, or directly connected to the case will face a temporarly or permamently Forum ban.


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