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Post  Kikkan on Sat Mar 08, 2008 10:05 pm

United RolePlay, Advertisement Forum Rules:

Here you can:

    Buy/trade/selling/bidding houses biz etc!

Use this format while putting an advertise:

Topic name: "[Trade/Buy/Sell/Bids]" "Car / House / etc"
Example: [Bids] Sultan[/color]
Now put effort in your advert topic, what are you going to buy / trade / sell?
Example: Buying a Sultan, paying well. Just make a call!

If you do example a bid: Selling Sultan bids start at 50k! Highest bid get it.
You are not allowed to Post in any topics in here) (Except if it's a bid! Then your allowed to post here with following format:)

My name:

Failure to follow right format leads into a temporarly or permamently forum ban.
As well as Forum Rules!

EDIT: Reply here if you want us to change something in this system..


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