DaoPay NOW ADDED! Read, and donate!

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DaoPay NOW ADDED! Read, and donate!

Post  Kikkan on Mon Mar 10, 2008 11:52 pm

Hi there!

United RolePlay now have DaoPay!

You got two options to donate on, 1: SMS 2: Give a call!

What am i donating for?
First of all, we going to Dedicate the server later, we can't tell you when it'll be, it depends on you guys!

We aren't able to pay the whole ammount by ourselfs, that's why we made DaoPay account so you guys can support the server.

We will get informations how much it costs to Dedicate our server and we will update this thread as soon as we know!
Do were/how/ or so on, to dedicate a server? Tell us here, also tell us what you as donator want for abillities!

Feel free to reply your questions, suggestions, and more!

Here's the link: DaoPay Click here.

Don't spam! ^^


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