Mayor Application Form

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Mayor Application Form

Post  Kikkan on Sun Mar 09, 2008 3:12 am

Okay, first off all, we'll accept around 5 applications, so then the public / the Los Santos citicens may vote for their mayor. So after we've accepted 5 applications, there will be a forum for each "senator" to answer questions and publich what they would do when they get the mayor position.

Everyone may apply in this forum for Mayor candidacy - the lead admin team will decide which 5 applications who is the best, and allow them to be "senators". Then it's up for each senator to get the citizens votes and after their campaign we'll open the election!

So this forum is ONLY for lead administrators/game admins to decide which people should be senator, it's firstly after they've become senator the things they write is IC based, as then they speak to the citizens, now it's only the server admins.

well, at least heres the application form.


1: In-game name:

2: Whats your characters reason for applying for Mayor?:

3: Have you ever been kicked, jailed or banned for server rules violation?:

3.1: If the above is yes, what?:

4: Your characters background history:

5: Do your character have a criminal record in Los Santos?:

6: How long have you been role playing?:

7: How long have your (current) character been a citizen of Los Santos?:

8: How long have you played on United RP?:

9: Additional / Admins recommendation on you?:

As I said above, this is OOC'ly application as it's only for admins to figure out who would be the best candidate.

Best regards,
Next Generation RolePlay administration team.


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