Aircraft Safety act 2008.

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Aircraft Safety act 2008.

Post  Kikkan on Sun Mar 09, 2008 2:58 am

The Aircraft Safety act 2008 is in place to protect pilots and the San Andreas skies. Also to make sure aircrafts are not misused.

Section 1

The following offences are now carrying a 30 minute jail sentence with a 20000 fine and a suspension of your aircraft permit;

    *Flying without clearence from ATC (Freqency 118.05) ((/setchannel 20))
    *Flying in unauthorised / red flagged area.

Section 2

The following offences are now carrying a 15 minute jail sentence with a 5000 fine and possible suspension of aircraft permit;

    *Landing without authorisation from ATC.
    *Flying outside of your authorised airspace.
    *Flying without a copy of the aircraft permit slip.
    *Entering airport airspace without authorisation.

Signed, Ray McLane,
Joint Aviation Authorities,
San Andreas.


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