San Andreas (Road) Laws

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San Andreas (Road) Laws

Post  Kikkan on Sun Mar 09, 2008 2:55 am

Los Santos Road Laws

The following include guidelines and restrictions of ALL drivers in the City of Los Santos.

This document has been published by the LSPD, Department of Traffic & Licensing. It has been improvised by T&L Director Jake Smola and T&L Contingent Mike Neuhaus.

(A 1-1)
All drivers are responsible for their actions on the road.

(A 1-2)
Seat-belts are required to be worn at all times. “Click it, or ticket” (FL).

(A 1-3)
Vehicle engines diffusing any signs of smoke should be repaired immediately.

(A 1-4)
Driving with a flat tire(s) is prohibited.

(A 1-5)
Turning Indicators are suggested, and often assist in plotting courses.

(A 1-6)Speed limit set to 55km/h (About 35mp/h) on habitual road-ways, and 120km/h (About 75mp/h) on freeways. An additional factor of 16km/h (About 10mp/h) is permitted if necessary for Freeway or Interstate driving, While habitual driving allows for an addition of 8km/h (About 5mp/h).

(A 1-7)
Each driver is expected to Yield to traffic traveling on a more primary road than the driver himself. If a primary road cannot be established, use courtesy to allow the opposing driver by. Do not delay traffic simply due to courtesy, someone has to move.

(A 1-8)
When approaching an intersection where the target street is required to yield, a vehicle must come to a COMPLETE stop before continuing across the street.

(A 1-9)
Do not drive on the sidewalk, or over any natural environment, etc.

(A 1-10)
All non-emergency vehicles must yield to Emergency Vehicles when embodied by Sirens, Warnings, etc. This includes Police cars, and Ambulances.

(A 1-11)
A velocity of two seconds, is the suggested distance between one vehicle, and the vehicle ahead of it.

(A 1-12)
The use of hydraulics whilst in motion is prohibited in all areas.

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(A 2-1)
If contact, direct or indirect, is made with another vehicle or being, the(each) driver is expected to park their vehicle legally and resolve/asses the situation.

(A 2-2)
Do not change lanes without signaling or ensuring safe mobility to yourself and drivers/pedestrians around you.

(A 2-3)
Engines should NOT be ignited whilst in the process of refueling.

(A 2-4)
Repeated or corrupt use of a car horn can be flagged as misuse. This includes ANY use of the horn in close-quarter living areas.

(A 2-5)
When parking on a road-side/curb, ensure that the LEFT set of wheels remains on the driving pavement, while the RIGHT set is placed onto the neighboring sidewalk or environment.

(A 2-6)
Direct parking on corners is NOT allowed at a 4 way intersection.

(A 2-7)
The use or possession of Nitrous Oxide, a.k.a. N2O or NOS, is strictly prohibited and will result in severe penalty.

(A 2-8)
When nearing an area of traffic collision or crime, attempt to stay mobile, and regulate motion. Do not stop.

More laws will be set as time progresses.


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