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Guide and Rules

Post  Kikkan on Sat Mar 08, 2008 5:53 pm

Welcome to United RolePlay Server!

Here you'll find our Server Rules, and a small guide.

First some information:

Server IP:
Admins: Click here

These are our server rules, every attempt to violate one or more of this will result in admin actions against you.

United RolePlay Server Rules:

      Roleplay in every situation, its a Roleplay server.
      Do NOT CHEAT / abuse exploits / bugs.
      Do NOT deathmatch (DM), killing is alright, as long as it's roleplayed and you got a reason.
      This is a english speaking server. Other languages are allowed in /w and /b (Use English in /b as much as you can).
      Driveby as driver is NOT allowed, only cops are allowed to driveby as driver.
      Do NOT use acronyms or abbreviations such as OMG, LOL, u, ur, w8, lmao In character.
      Do NOT use Smiley's In character.
      Do NOT use DUAL guns. Picking up duals in houses will result in a ban.
      No revengekilling, if you died your memory is lost. Killing the murder who killed you is revengekill.
      Do NOT bunnyhop. Jumping to get somewhere faster is not realistic.
      Do NOT Whisper /w admins In-Game with <suggestions~ etc, use the ~forum>.
      Do NOT Whisper /w admins In-Game <requesting~ someone be unbanned, again use the ~forum>.
      Do NOT abuse or spam the /report and /re functions.

      Admin instructions are final, regardless of if they are stated in the rules.

United RolePlay Forum Rules:

      No flaming, insulting others.
      No hijacking threads - posting off-topic.
      If you have a question, search first before posting, it may be answered already.
      No blatant advertising.
      No spamming.
      English posts only - for foreign languages, use the appropriate forum.
      Keep the size of signatures respectable. No huge images.
      Read the specific forum rules before posting.
      Do NOT post in the "wrongly banned" section unless you have vital information to say, or posting an unban appeal.
      NO posting to warez, wether that be through a search engine or not
      Breaking Forum rules will end in a temporarily or permanently ban. Maybe ingame ban too, depends on the case.

      Admin instructions are final, regardless of if they are stated in the rules.

Other Rules:

      No vehicles allowed in the Black Market
      No Full CAPSLOCK in OOC.
      No OOC Scamming. IC Scamming is allowed but not more then $100.000
      Do NOT abuse other players in OOC.
      Do NOT spam chats and / or commands.
      Raping is NOT allowed.

      Admin instructions are final, regardless of if they are stated in the rules.

These rules will be updated, keep yourself updated by reading this now and then.

What admin says are final.


Ok, whilst in game you will see the two words OOC and IC being used quiet often, this is designed to help you understand how to use both.

IC - In Character
This is a RP (RolePlay)server, normally you are not just a person sitting at your computer playing a game to see how many kills you can get. You play a character and try and emulate life (loosely of course, we dont all have guns in real life). If you want to speak IC there are a few different ways to do it.

To speak to other characters nearby you just typing normally without any command, or by using "/l "(when on a phone)
To advertise by using "/ad " (This will result in a green line going to all players as an advert for you to sell things, arrange parties etc etc)
To whisper/private message other characters so only that person hears you is done via "/w ".

To shout out use "/s " This extends the range of which you can normally be heard (dont use /s all the time though)
There are other methods of speaking In Character, but you will find these out in game.

Whilst speaking in any of these forms, do NOT use accronyms or smilies like lol, wtf, omg, etc or :O :S , doing so will result in any or all of the following. Admin jail, kicks from server or bans from the server (eventually).

OOC - Out Of Character
OOC is used when you are not RPing, when you, as a person sitting at home/work want to talk to others NOT YOUR CHARACTER. Again there are a few ways to do this.

Private Message to anyone on the server, all you do is find their ID (by doing "/ID ") and typing "/w "
Local OOC is done by typing "/b " this will send a message to players around you, but will include ((Message)) brackets around what you said, to indicate its not to be use for roleplay purposes.
Global OOC (server wide OOC) is done by simply doing "/o " The colour of the text for any type of OOC is a different colour, and includes the double brackets to identify it as OOC.

So, the basic rule is, if its your character saying something use an IC method, if its you as a person, use an OOC method. Can be tricky to get used to but it helps the RP along.

NOTE - do not use OOC information for IC purposes.

Also, ID's and /commands and terms like DMing or things to do with admins are OOC and all of these things above need to be said with /b brackets. Using Smiley's or acronyms Incharacter will be punished with admin jail, if you continue and dont stop you will be banned.

Guide to starting your new life:

Before you connect to the server for the first time you need to find yourself a Roleplay name you want to use. You have to use the following format:

    * [Firstname_Lastname] - For example: Airoh_McLane
    * Names we dont allow: We dont allow names with Numbers - For example: A_McLane_90
    * We want all players to use Capitals in their first letter of the first name, and the last name. - For example: Airoh_McLane

If there is any questions you may have you can contact an admin in game, through pm's on the forum.

Thank you for playing on United RolePlay - Official SA-MP Server.


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